Behaviour Manager
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Recording information with Behaviour Manager is quick and simple. Accessing your information is even easier. With Behaviour Managers point an click reports you can view information on a wide variety of subjects and simply cut and paste into applications like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point.

Designed for everyone

Behaviour Manager has been designed to provide fast and efficient data entry by any staff members. For this reason, Behaviour Manager entry fields are all pre configured, drop down boxes. Behaviour Manager Simplicity

By design, this approach allows minimal time to record data and in turn removes the potential for ambiguity which provide a conforming set of data which can be reported on.

Behaviour Manager can be installed on either a single desktop or a Network (without additional costs) as the license covers the site.




Information Captured

Behaviour Manager has a simple format for capturing information. The only information that must be entered includes the person the report is based on, the location and the Incident type.

The other data that can be entered include:-

  • All individuals, including staff members that were involved in the incident
  • Actions taken against each individual involved
  • Injuries that may have occurred for each individual involved
  • Conditions (Environmental and Physical)
  • The Cause Of Incidents
  • Interventions made
  • Written report text

Behaviour Manager can be configured to present only the data capture fields that you want for your school.


Statistical Reports

Behaviour Manager has been designed to provide you with information to help you understand the behaviour of the individuals within your environment.

The following is a list of reports that can be generated from behaviour manager:-

  • Individual History
    Displays all reports for an individual including their current score
  • Personnel Scores
    Displays all personnel scores
  • Reports including multiple personnel
    Displays all reports that include one or more selected personnel
  • Analysis of an individual month by month
    Displays the total number of reports, the number of commendations, the number of unacceptable reports and the number of reports where the individual was only present on a month by month basis for a number of user defined months
  • Absence Analysis
    Displays the total number of reports against the individuals absences.

The above are just an example from the 20 plus reports that can be accessed. By adding a date and time selection you can further pinpoint 'hotspots' which may require further attention.

All graphical reports can be created as Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Area Charts or Scatter Graphs at the click of a button. You can then cut and paste the graph as a bitmap image into your presentation slides or other documents.


Letter Generation and Quality Checks

Behaviour Manager provides the functionality to create letters which include the individuals details. You are able to create any number of different letters for any number of individuals.

Behaviour Manager also provides the functionality to quality check your staffs letters before they are sent for printing by your admin office.


Email Notifications

Behaviour Manager can be set to notify you when any member of staff enter a report that includes a particular pupil. A PDF version of the report will be sent straight to your inbox the moment the report is entered, allowing you to monitor individuals progress with ease.


Simple to import pupils

Behaviour Manager has a simple import screen which allows you to import all of your pupils from your existing management information software such as SIMS or CMIS. This process can be repeated annually for new year groups. Individuals can be added via Behaviour Manager's own personnel input screen.